Wood Wood “3rd Movement” Spring/Summer 2013

January 29th, 2013 Runway


Produced by
Filmed by
Directed by
Robert Marshall
Edited by


Wood Wood presents a video treatment documenting its runway showing at Andersen's Contemporary during Copenhagen Fashion Week. Dubbed the "3rd Movement," this 3-minute video follows founder Karl-Oskar Olsen and his crew as they prepare both the seasonal range of garbs and models for their runway presentation. Deftly balancing streetwear sensibilities with a high-end designer approach, Wood Wood offers an androgynous collection inspired by the American and British free-spirited movements known as the " Summer of Love" and the "Second Summer of Love" respectively. Utilizing a large spectrum of colors, this forthcoming range presents a slew of patterns and materials atop some very archetypal pieces in menwear. 






Wood Wood, Spring/Summer 2013

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