The Marcus Troy Experience with Barbour

September 28th, 2012 Experiences


Produced by
Marcus Troy
Filmed by
Donny Colantonio
Directed by
Donny Colantonio & Marcus Troy
Edited by
Donny Colantonio


Marcus Troy had the privilege of being invited to the Vintagers (also known as the Vintage Cup) as a special guest for Barbour. The Vintage Cup is a world-renowned shooting competition that is held in Rhode Island. The Vintagers is about the sport of shooting, camaraderie, friendly competitions, good food, style and class.

Everyone who attends the event has to be dressed in period-appropriate garb, so Barbour outfitted Marcus Troy head to toe in made-to-measure Barbour Tweed shooting attire. Each piece was carefully selected to make sure that he looked right for all activities. In this real-life Barbour experience, Marcus Troy brings us with him as he shows you what he can do with a shotgun by demonstrating his shooting skills. You’ll also get to learn about the Vintage Cup, courtesy of founder Ray Poudrier.

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