RISK - The Skid Row Mural Project - Art in the Streets

December 14th, 2012 Culture


Produced by
Daniel Lahoda &Todd Mazer
Filmed by
Todd Mazer
Directed by
Todd Mazer
Edited by
Parker Detchon


Risk is a Graffiti legend. Over three decades Risk's undeniable impact on Los Angeles has echoed all over the world. As an innovator of writing on "Heavens" or freeway overpasses Risk began a dialog with his surrounding community. Now as a father of four the desire to create still burns deep within him but the message has a new aim. Risk wants to uplift and evoke emotion using the rawest form of his craft... color. 
In this new film by Todd Mazer Risk travels into Skid Row with the goal of brightening up the bleakest of surroundings

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