Dockers Men of Style With Marcus Troy

November 16th, 2012 Interviews


Produced by
Paul & Williams
Filmed by
Kellen Dengler
Directed by
Michael Williams & Kellen Dengler
Edited by
Kellen Dengler


For the fifth installment of their "Men of Style" series, the kings of khaki over at Dockers set their sights on blogger and all around stylish guy, Marcus Troy. In the video, he waxes philosophical on everything from his come-up in the digital men's-wear world to how he approaches getting dressed in the morning. He also touches on the dangers of irresponsible tweeting — "you never know who's looking" — and why it's so important to give a damn about how you put yourself together. When you're well dressed, according to Troy, "the possibilites are endless." We're inclined to agree. ESQUIRE.COM


Dockers, Style

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